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We all know what this industry is most pressed on Sustainability initiatives, here is what we know about your problems and how we can stand out

What Are The Specifics On Your Industry

  • Downtime and maintenance windows are the most costly part of any hardware replacement
  • Operational networks are not a normal network and are often segregated
  • Environmental impacts are often than not the case of issues 
  • Most sites cannot be reached by OEM's for support
  • Newer technology can often cause more issues than older technology
  • Replacing at the rate the OEM's would like is not always possible due to availability of sites
  • Most hardware prescribed for resources enviroments are over subsribed and unnecessary 


Excavator loading iron ore into heavy dump trucks on the opencast mining site

The OEM Challenge

Sustainability Challenge - The challenge is that the OEM's drive the Linear economy. What we typically see is the OEM's producing reports determing what is end fof life and end of support and requests for upgrades. This counters what companies in the resources industry are trying to achieve. They want to demonstrate less consumption and more reuse. 

The Cost Challenges - More often than not the cost of replacement hardware is negligible compared to some of the production materials going into sites. However IT sits as the backbone to all production and this means maintenance windows. This introduces significant costs to bring down sites for replacements, which may not really be required. 

End of software / maintenance milestones  - For many ordinary clients these dont pose too much of a problem due to the size and scope of what has to be replaced. In the resouces world this typically has to be planned years in advance. However, you may be implementing technology which has already been in the market for 3+ years and therefore maybe have to be refreshed within a few years of being implemented

The Cost Environment - The cost enviroment within resources tends to be cyclical. As the cost of the resources rise and fall this has a direct impact on capital outlay available for projects. If refresh projects have to happen due to OEM policies then this detracts from other projects going ahead. 

These are a few amongst many more issues that we see companies having to deal with and battle with OEM's. For further reading please consult our industry whitepaper below


Oil refinery at the river in sunrise time / Big Factory in sunrise time
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